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As usual, I have been doing some deep thinking while attempting to be present, mindful and live MY BEST LIFE as I assist, when asked, my sons, family, friends, colleagues and clients in doing the same. Identifying, creating and living OUR BEST LIFE is a life-long process. Getting to know ourselves better, along with identifying and appreciating our strengths and enjoyments along with what is important to us is key.

Two questions beg to be answered (1) How do I live MY BEST LIFE while time and resources are typically limited? (2) In light of the fact that time and resources are limited, how do I create MY ULTIMATE LIFE HACK and become more efficient in maximizing doing what I love?

To me, I believe creating OUR ULTIMATE LIFE HACK is quite possible and a potentially joyous experience. Read my article on my Resource page, entitled CREATING YOUR ULTIMATE LIFE HACK. Namaste, Lorraine



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Create Your Best Life
"You create your own universe as you go along" Winston Churchill
In order to live your best possible life and ATTAIN YOUR VISION, you must make a conscious effort to identify what it is and how closely you hold your Vision to your heart. Once you have identified your Vision and have committed to act on and attain it, you need to develop a workable strategy and plan.
This process has many facets and can be quite challenging. However, the ultimate expression of this strategy is also very fulfilling. In this accomplishment not only do we benefit and have the opportunity to live our best life but our family and friends can benefit as well, as we offer them the love and support only a truly fulfilled individual can offer.
I congratulate you on having the courage to identify and ATTAIN YOUR VISION with the full understanding that the process will be arduous but in the end very fulfilling!
Please link to my Resource page. There you will find a library of useful PDF's, Videos, Books, Documentaries and other resources.
Namaste, Lorraine

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